HaloTech Ai is as the world’s pioneering and exclusive integrated connected worker platform. Enhancing worker’s safety, and overall productivity.

FromHalotech Ai, we have been leaders in offering mobility safety solutions in cities.

Today, with renewed responsibility and passion, we evolve into a new challenge. It’s not just a new name; It’s a mission. We want to take our innovation and safety expertise beyond city streets and into roads, factories, heights, mines, oil fields and other sectors.

Our goal is to facilitate workers, better decision-making—choices that not only safeguard lives, but improve response times and tactics, and also elevate productivity.

HaloTech Ai is born from a simple but powerful conviction we can save lives


At HaloTech Ai Services our vision is to revolutionize safety in operators through our advanced digital service platform. We envision a future where operators can work confidently, knowing they are protected by cutting-edge technology and comprehensive safety solutions.

We strive to be the leaders in digital safety, empowering operators across industries to navigate their tasks with peace of mind and unparalleled protection. Through our innovative platform, we aim to enhance operational efficiency, minimize risks, and create a culture of safety that fosters productivity and success.