A New Chapter in Industrial Safety

HaloTech Ai is born from a simple but powerful conviction: WE SAVE LIVES.


Safety As A Service

HaloTech Ai leads the way in transformation of industrial safety and productivity, Our intelligent smart device and AI platform, featuring industrial sensors, advanced positioning technology, and comprehensive communications, is dedicated to saving lives and optimizing workplace efficiency. From wearable smart devices to software integrations, Halotech continuously expands its suite of solutions for creating safer and more productive industrial workplaces.


HaloTech Ai offers a wide range of benefits that align with your safety, efficiency and legal compliance objectives.

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Improving Worker Safety

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Regulatory Compliance

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Operations Optimization

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Data Analysis & Reporting

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Cost Reduction

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Promotion of Safety Culture


Our goal is to facilitate workers, better decision-making—choices that not only safeguard lives, but improve response times and tactics, and also elevate productivity.

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